Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m no expert, so how can you as a builder help me plan my project?

    Our proven success relies on our attention to great communication. We start sharing our knowledge and solutions with you in the initial consultation so that you are fully informed about every decision you make. We pride ourselves on our high standards for the finished work, but also on how satisfying our process is for you, the client. When you engage us for your project you will know with clarity and confidence everything that's involved from day one.

  • What are the costs & how long does a renovation typically take?

    Depending on the size of the project, the complexity of work required & whether or not you’ll be living there while it’s all happening, these, and many other factors, determine the answer to this question. That is why we invite you to an initial no-obligation consultation - to learn exactly what you had in mind so we can prepare your timeline and budget.

  • Can I still live at home while work is under way?

    In most cases – yes. It may not be possible to occupy the home during renovations if major work needs to be done on the electrical and/or sewer systems. Sometimes renovations also present specific dangers i.e. major demolitions and/or asbestos removal. Your initial consultation will quickly determine your ability to stay at home during the renovation.

  • Does your Construction Insurance cover our belongings during the renovations?

    Our Construction Insurance covers the building works but doesn’t include coverage for your belongings. We recommend that you consider extending your contents cover with your Insurer. Alternatively, we can arrange removal, storage and return of your belongings to ensure their safety during the renovations.

  • What if I want to make changes during construction?

    Not a problem. Included in the QBCC approved QLD Master Builders Contract that we use, is a standard form to facilitate any variations to the contract works & price. So that you know exactly where you stand, we quote you a fixed price for any changes you require.


    Working only with our hand-picked team of experienced experts, we take pride in our work and thrive on creating results that delight you.


    Our mission is to establish a lasting, rewarding relationship with you and exceed your expectations.


    Owner, David Irvin, is involved personally in every project and oversees a close team to guarantee your project is delivered on time, to budget and well above quality standards.

  • David Irvin:
    0419 657 956

  • PO Box 5322
    Victoria Point QLD 4165

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If you’re seeking a builder who’ll communicate openly & honestly with you at all times to visualise your dreams and work with you to make them a reality, then contact David Irvin at Exquisite Homes today.

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